“Masu no Ohitsu”, which can defrost rice
as if it were freshly cooked





COBITSU is a Masu rice container that serves frozen rice as delicious as freshly cooked rice. Many people are so busy with work, housework, childcare, and study that they may not always have time to cook rice. Many people are so busy working hard every day that they may not have time to cook rice all the time. For such a time, warm COBITSU in a microwave oven and serve it directly on the dining table. The aroma of hinoki (Japanese cypress) is relaxing and calming. The warmth of the wood and the comfort of the touch in your hand. COBITSU gently soothes your tired mind and brings you a luxurious moment of happiness and joy in your daily life.

Ogaki City in Gifu Prefecture, which is blessed with rich forest resources including Kiso cypress, accounts for 80% of the nation’s production of wooden Masu, and while preserving the 1,300-year history and tradition of Masu, Ohashi Ryoki, the manufacturer of COBITSU, also focuses on innovative Masu production, collaborating with world-class designers. The company is also attracting attention from overseas. The COBITSU’s beautiful texture and resistance to the harsh environment of repeated freezing and microwave heating are the result of their proven craftsmanship.

The secret to the delicious taste of rice served in wooden Ohitsu, which have been used in Japan for centuries, is the wood’s ability to regulate humidity, which makes the rice tasty even after it has cooled. COBITSU uses high-quality Japanese hinoki cypress to achieve the same excellent moisture control as a wooden hitsu. COBITSU is made of high quality Japanese cypress.

When cold rice is heated in a steamer, the moisture that has escaped is restored by the power of steam, making it fluffy and glossy, just like freshly cooked rice. At the same time, excess heat and steam can escape through the gap between the body and the lid, making it warm up like a steamer.

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