新しい暮らしに寄り添うテーブル flex

“flex” table for a new lifestyle




As lifestyles have changed significantly in recent years due to the coronavirus, we wondered if we could use our technology to create something that would be more comfortable for people, and took on the challenge of developing a low table that could be used on sofas, beds, and floors. It will surely enrich your home time.

As we spend more and more time indoors these days, we aimed to create a design that would suit the new way of spending time indoors. flex” is designed in a size that allows plenty of room for a 13-inch PC. The free space allows for mouse operation. The top surface is slanted about 5° toward the front, allowing you to work in a natural posture. It is also ideal for teleworking on a sofa or bed.

The main body is made of sturdy yet extremely lightweight aluminum, allowing it to be used in different places throughout the day. Since it is made from only one sheet of sheet metal, there is no assembly required. The simple shape with smooth curves harmonizes well with interior design.

Project Team

デザイナー:鈴⽊僚 / 秋⼭ 朝⼦