Unpacking knife like a stone tool,
carved from a block of metal


OOPARTS(オーパーツ)はout-of-place artifacts(場違いな工芸品)の頭文字を繋げた語です。主に出土品などが、考古学上その成立や製造法などが不明であったり、当時の文明の加工技術や知見では製造が困難もしくは不可能に見える場合に使われます。OOPARTSという言葉を「場所や時代を超えて素材と技術が出会ったもの」と捉えて名付けています。旧石器時代前期から中期にかけてのハンドアックスと呼ばれる打製石器をモチーフとしつつ、「OOPARTS-001」は素材を石からアルミへ、製法を打製から切削加工へといったように、「古代の石器」を「現代的な素材と技術」によってアップデートしました。


Mail orders increased due to the Corona disaster. We created “OOPARTS-001,” an unpacking knife that looks like a stone tool carved out of a block of metal, so that the “work” of unpacking the cardboard boxes will turn into a “heart-fluttering experience”.

OOPARTS is an acronym for out-of-place artifacts. OOPARTS is used to describe artifacts whose formation and manufacturing methods are unknown to archaeology, or which appear difficult or impossible to manufacture with the processing techniques and knowledge of the civilization of the time. While the motif of “OOPARTS-001” is based on the hand-axe stone tools of the early to mid Paleolithic period, “ancient stone tools” have been updated with modern materials and techniques, such as changing the material from stone to aluminum and the manufacturing method from casting to cutting.

“OOPARTS-001” is made by cutting aluminum from a lump in order to express the beauty of aluminum, and has a luxurious finish that allows the wearer to enjoy the metal’s weight and shine. Anodized aluminum provides higher resistance to corrosion and abrasion than ordinary aluminum, and a 50-meter durability test showed no change in sharpness and almost no wear on the blade.

Project Team

デザイナー:AATISMO 中森大樹(工業デザイン・エンジニアリング)、海老塚啓太(アートディレクション)、桝永絵理子(建築設計)