Body care items that fill the body and mind with pleasant shapes




A body care item made of pure titanium that relaxes the body stiffened by regular work at home and creates a moment of relaxation. Pure titanium oxidizes quickly when exposed to air, forming a strong passive film (naturally occurring oxide film = TiO2) on its surface. Thanks to this passive film, pure titanium does not dissolve when exposed to sweat or lymph fluid, making it easy to use even for those who are sensitive to metals.

Titanium is difficult to process due to its high tensile strength and high thermal conductivity. However, by using hot forging technology, we have succeeded in producing a titanium product with such a high mass at a relatively reasonable price.

The height of the protrusions and the range of stimulation differ depending on the numbering. Please choose the one that is comfortable for you according to your preference: 001, which is suitable for pressing in with a surface, 003, which is suitable for more pinpoint stimulation, and 002, which loosely handles both.

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