Outstanding handling,
light and flexible titanium cutting board

チタンまな板『SIKI TITANIUM CUTTING BOARD』は、動き回ることの多いキッチンで小回りのきくチタンまな板です。カビ、サビ、匂い移り、油や食べ物の汁の染み込みがないのでメンテナンスも簡単です。『SIKI TITANIUM CUTTING BOARD』はまな板の瞬間瞬間の小さな手間を解決してくれます。今あるまな板と併用して、一度使い始めれば手放せない一枚になるはずです。


メーカーの旭鉄工株式会社は愛知県碧南市に本社を構える自動車部品製造メーカーです。圧縮空気で金型をもちあげ、約1250℃に加熱した金属素材に自由落下させて成形するエアードロップハンマーで打撃・加圧し、内部の隙間をつぶすことでより強度の高い製品をつくる『熱間鍛造』などの塑性加工から機械加工、溶接、樹脂成型、組付の工法を駆使し、一貫生産できるのが特徴です。『SIKI TITANIUM CUTTING BOARD』をつくるにあたって、旭鉄工の金属加工技術を詰め込んでいます。

Titanium cutting board “SIKI TITANIUM CUTTING BOARD” is a titanium cutting board that can be used in small spaces in a kitchen where people often move around. It is easy to maintain as it does not mold, rust, transfer odors, or soak up oil or food juices. SIKI TITANIUM CUTTING BOARD” solves the small trouble of the moment of the cutting board. If you use it together with your existing cutting board and start using it once, it will become a piece that you cannot let go of.

One corner is gently turned up as a shape. When you want to carry the sliced food to the pan or rinse it quickly, you can easily lift it up by hooking your finger on it. The product is made of 99.9% pure titanium. Titanium has a specific gravity of about 57% of that of iron or stainless steel, making it ultra-lightweight at 215g. This makes it easy to handle when moving around in the kitchen.

The manufacturer Asahi Tekko Co., Ltd. is an automobile parts manufacturer headquartered in Hekinan City, Aichi Prefecture. The company is capable of integrated production, making full use of plastic forming, machining, welding, resin molding, and assembly methods, such as “hot forging,” in which a mold is lifted by compressed air, and the metal material heated to approximately 1,250°C is hit and pressurized with an air-drop hammer to form a free-fall shape, crushing internal gaps to create a stronger product. The feature of our products is that they can be produced in an integrated manner. Asahi Tekko’s metalworking technologies were incorporated into the production of the “SIKI TITANIUM CUTTING BOARD.

Project Team

デザイナー:Nyokki / 三谷悠、八幡佑希、柿木大輔