“smoked-pod” for your regular table to enjoy freshly prepared smoked food.



What shall we eat today? With more time at home, more people enjoy cooking casually. The “smoke-pod” makes it easy to enjoy smoked food at the dinner table every day, from a dinner dish to a small snack.

Conventional smokers are often large and angular, making them difficult to store and easy to wash. One of the designers said, “Once you put away the smoker, it becomes a chore to smoke the next time. By utilizing Tachyon’s metal processing technology, even difficult stainless steel can be formed beautifully in an efficient pressing process. This has enabled us to develop a compact and easy-to-handle smoker with tilted sides and rounded corners at the lowest possible cost. We believe that this product will be beneficial not only to those who are new to smoked food production, but also to those who are already making smoked food.

Project Team

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